5S Housekeeping Practices

What is 5S ?

  • 5S is the beginning of a healthy, comfortable and productive life for every at work. This is fundamental to productivity improvement.
  • When implemented successfully in a company, 5S brings about amazing changes.
  • The driving force for a 5S program comes from people.
  • 5S is an acronym for five Japanese words, i.e. SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU and SHITSUKE.


SEIRI Sorting Sisih
SEITON Simplify, Set in order Susun
SEISO Sweep, Shine Sapu
SEIKETSU Standardize Seragam
SHITSUKE Sustain, Self-disciplined Sentiasa Amal

Definition of 5S

SEIRI - To sort and systematically discard items that are not needed in the workplace.

SEITON - To arrange necessary items in a neat and systematic manner so that they can be easily retrieved for use and to return after use.

SEISO - To clean and inspect the workplace thoroughly so that there is no dirt on the floor, machines and equipments.

SEIKETSU - To maintain a high standard of workplace organization  by keeping everything clean and orderly at all times.

SHITSUKE –  To train people to practise the 5S system continuously so that it becomes habitual and ingrained in the culture of organization.

Progress of 5S in LAKU
LAKU started practising 5S since April 2006 and its 5S organization structure is as follow :

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