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Management TeamManagement Team

(1)  Encik Daneil Punang (Chief Executive Officer)

(2)  Encik Affendi Bin Taher (Chief Operating Officer)

(3)  Miss Bong Shi Yee (Senior Manager, Business Development)

(4)  Mr Ha Tung Ngie (Miri Area Manager)

(5)  Puan Salemah Binti Sapudin (Acting Senior Manager Operation)

(6)  Mr Rex Chua (Operations Executive, Limbang Area Office)

(7)  Encik Zaid Iskandar Bin Jaraiee (Acting Senior Manager Technical Services & Project)

(8)  Miss Liza Raymond (Acting Senior Manager Quality, Health, Safety and Environment)

(9)  Mdm Jennifer Fam (Acting Human Resource and Administration Manager)

(10)  Mr Austin Wen Ming Kwan (Acting Senior Manager Finance & Information Communication Technology)